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More Mazie News ... she's gonna make it!

We brough Mazie home last night after her auto-immune test results came back. Everything came back as "normal" which led the doctors scratching their heads. At this point, they believe that Mazie has a kidney stone that is pushing against ... something? that is messing with her liver. She is on a strict diet and has to go pee several times a day more than she used to. She has had just about every test they could think of to see what happened to her innerds. but they have deduced that her prognosis is not nearly as bad as they had originally thought.
She had to go back this morning for some more IV fluids and liquid antibiotics and had originally been slated to spend another night, but they called again and let us bring her back home today
after only a little over an hour of fluids.

I want to again thank each and every one of you for your thoughts, donations, and concern ... I'll keep everyone posted on her recovery progress.

Mazie's Progress

First of all, I want to say thank you VERY much to everyone who has been so generous. We know that Mazie has really touched a lot of people and we are beyond humbled to have received so much help from our friends and family to help keep her alive. Because of everyone's donations so far, she received enough money to pay for a full day of IV fluids and antibiotics for all day yesterday, and also a portion of her latest blood test that she needed. I thank you on behalf of Ffej, myself, Brit, and Mazie (if she could talk).

The news we have received so far is that the IV fluids and antibiotics appear to be doing at least some good. She had been severely jaundiced in her eyes and on her gums, and the yellowing is going away. Furthermore, she has "perked up" and is less lethargic, to the point where she actually ATE FOOD. They have done an ultrasound and her liver is apparently functioning and looks to be mostly healthy. However, she has a malformed kidney and also they have discovered a type of blood cell that is only present when a certain disease exists. The blood test yesterday was to confirm the existance of the disease. This disease was compared to rheumatoid arthritis in humans, in that there is really no way to predict it or determine why some get it and some don't. Also, just as rheumatoid arthritis is the body's mechanism of attacking joints in humans, this disease attacks red blood cells in canines. She says that this disease is found in spayed "middle-aged" dogs (even if she isn't quite middle-aged yet). The prognosis for this type of disease is uncertain ... a couple of months up to a couple of years. And with the kidney, we would have to radically change her diet to a specific diet that is for dogs in renal failure.

The theory *until we get the results back from the vet today* is that she may have this blood disease, and the vet thinks that she may also have a kidney stone, if it isn't failing entirely. The kidney stone is unable to be sonically broken down like in humans, so this diet exists to help in destroying the stone and assisting in its passing naturally. There may be more glimmers of hope aside from this in that the vet mentioned that with the proper treatment of her kidneys, this blood disease may correct itself in time.

So that's where we are right now ... as you all have been a part of this, I wanted to offer my most heart-felt gratitude and keep you informed. As always, if there are any dog-lovers you know who might feel moved to help out a damn good rottie, feel free to pass this link on. Thank you for letting us try to keep her alive.

public cry for help

So no one really knows me anymore ... I know that I'm in FL. The only comfort I've had is my buddy, my dog Mazie. She made people love her with her personality and her spirit. They think that she may have been been bitten by something or whatever. PLEASE ... if you have ANY extra funds ... we are desperate. My daughter (who is getting into chorus and ASL) is also doing what she can to help ... babysitting ot whatever. Please pass this info along if it doesn't apply to you. We are desperate. Thanks.

May. 27th, 2009

cut for awesome ... Collapse )

Just ... you know, just saying. I merely love good musicians.

It's just audio ... just give it a listen.

Ring of Fire care of Adam Lambert

The Pirate Bay


Guilty?! JAIL?! Get real!

Two years ago ...

Plath Luzah 2007Collapse )

I loved that poem by Sylvia on the day after my first date with Ffej, and felt it most keenly that following day. Fortunately, I did not eat him "like air" and allowed him to live :) Not that I had crimson locks, either, but ... that was aside from the point. _I_ was turning into the phoenix.
There were years ... long, fun, destructive years of doing what pleased me and not considering anyone else. I had my era of doing what I damn well pleased. After a time, it surprisingly became dreadully blase and trite. I was ready to either give it up or give in. I had tried with some great effort to become a better person, a more respectable human in the eyes of my OWN head; but do you know just how difficult it can be to keep yourself focused when your only company are so colorful?
So, yes, I gave it the old college go, but it was a very slow go, if you get what I mean. I had grown tired of try and fail, of try and grow tired of the exertion. It really is harder than you might think for someone who is as particularly particular as me.
Then I took on Ffej April 13, 2007. For a Friday the 13th, we went to the Inferno together for the first time as something other than friends. I recall receiving my first kiss not 20 minutes in! The rest of the Inferno is now a blur to me, but it was followed by a long heart-felt and teary discourse in the more intimate setting of his dining room. I don't think there has been a time since that I've wanted to be away from his side. Finally (to reiterate: FINALLY!) I was able to continue that damn thorny and sodden path that I had been not-so-resolutely trodding alone. Only this time when I faltered, there will be a hand at my elbow preventing further damage. There is a new wind at my back and a rope extended when I have to make a new leap.
I am grateful for someone who has such patience in this and refuses to give up on me. I never have been the typical "marriage material" or even someone who was, at first thought, and overly wise decision in the girlfriend department. Aside from that, my parenting history has left much to be desired. All of that made no difference when it really mattered to the one person who saw beyond the scars and flaws and marred past. What mattered was what we were together and what we could be. To have someone take all of me, all of my horrors (not to mention drama and "history") and say "We can work with this" - it more than I had ever expected.
Jeff, for our two year anniversary I just want to say thank you. Thank you for "Taking a Chance on Me" and not throwing your hands up in exasperation (yet!). You've allowed me to continue to grow up without growing old or boring, and still maintain my true self. You've been my support when I've been a crumbling pile of mush with nothing but despair in my cloudy eyes, and you've been my confidant with some of my most painful memories. We do make a good team, and I'm proud to be a part of it. I am forever grateful for every morning of waking and hearing your breath next to me, for every offer of "arm wrestling" ;) At the very least, I feel a part of something bigger than the sum of my own parts because I finally have reinforcement.
I love you, as I always have and forever will, I promise you.

Happy two year anniversary, my love.

My drinkin' days they ain't over ...

Thank you, Heidi, for being such a great hostess and allowing us to come hang out with you guys last night. Thank you, Bob, for getting older just so that we could all come over and hang out, drink, and play Apples to Apples. If possible, could you please try to do that again before I move to FL? :)

I love Adam Lambert!!!

Mad World by Adam Lambert - Studio version

Sorry to my Stumble peeps ...

Had to post! :) New Smearballs!

Robert Llewellyn aka Kryten from Red Dwarf :)

Here I thought I was making it too easy! Next week for some more challenge ... have a great weekend, everyone!

Fine ... Here's a challenge for Friday.

Guess who.

Winner gets an exhibit of my love for winners.

Fine, SmartyPants. Guess Who.

First one to guess correctly will win a SURPRISE!

(this one may require a hint or two, if I'm up to it. But who knows!? Impress me.)


This reminds me of a certain song on the new Gothsicles cd.

Anyone wanna guess who this is?

One guess only ... the first one to guess correctly wins ... a special.


New Fringe starts again next week!!!!

Because it's Friday

It's Friday, and you're welcome.

Today ...

is more Adam Lambert!

For anyone NOT on FB ...

I got the job!!! They want us there pretty much as soon as we can get our shit packed and moved. Meaning that we're being offered a job tomorrow if we could possibly get there. Sooo ... we're looking at leaving sooner (read: much MUCH sooner) rather than later.

Very happy news and very sad news all at the same time.

ALSO HAPPY ... My daughter is coming to stay with us!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Good question, Mike

I had a link long ago in which some guy received a video with this porn dude showing off how to use a penis pump. There were a couple of the best clips on the page. It had some CLASSIC lines in there ... but for the life of me, I can't remember where I put the video or who the porn dude's name was.

Does anyone remember me posting/stumbling this? Care to send it back to me?

President Obama - Full Interview (3/19)

In case you missed it ...

Today ...

Natasha Richardson died.

So sad, she was a lovely lady. Poor Liam :(

Today ...

is Geggy Tah.
New beta version of chrome ... still no stumbleupon.

Fail. But really REALLY quick ... at fail.

and btw ... NEIL GAIMAN ON COLBERT! which is a bit of fucking WIN.