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Today ...

Today ... is Patrick Duffy's birthday.

More famous for Step By Step, Dallas, or that one episode of South Park in which he was the leg of Scuzzlebutt?

This is for LeeLee :)

oh, and und1sk0 ...

You're welcome :)

Stolen from RandomPics ...

This is going to be an icon soon ... I can't stop watching. Feet go down, grampy!

Today ...

2day, I'm totally crushing on Adam Lambert. He's beautiful in his emo combover, he's beautiful in drag, and he thrills me to the tippiest of my toes when he sings.

Also today, I'd like to spend the entirety of the day outside. It's going to be SO lovely! missleedin and I took a lovely walk (lovely for the most part aside from the "Mazie Incidents") through the park and around the outsides yesterday. I wish I could do it again and not be stuck inside with angry people and humming lights. Oh well.

Today ... I'm getting over the weirdest nightmare I've had in a while. I was inside the Opryland Hotel and was being hunted and ... something about gift cards and adopting one of those Christian Childrens Fund kids. I dunno, it's scrambled eggs by now, but it WAS really scary.

Today I am going to work with a heavy heart because I'm not outside. *pout* But I can see Adam Labert twice this week!!! Huzzah!

Be well, all. (PS - thank you lipf3tish for SUCH a fun time! I can't wait to see the video *heheh*)

Happy Monday!

Thx for the cd, Andy Steele!

Not a shop, it's in the Carina Nebula (Scroll down to Keyhole Nebula)

Stolen from randompictures.

BTW, has anyone been outside yet today?!?!? HOLY FUCKING AWESOME, BATMAN!!! I love the sun ... I want to marry the sun. :)

Les talk, more odd.

I've been wondering his current whereabouts ... now I know. And knowing is AWESOME!

Also this ... last one, I swear.

Extreme Folk Metal

So here's the news

At 2:45 today, we were all pulled off of the phones and told the entire SITEL Madison site is being laid off. Last day is April 29th. Most likely, I'll be moving right away to Jacksonville FL.

Bittersweet news, but I feel mostly just bitter.

I hate this current economy, I hate our lack of national business ethic, and I hate fucking Bush and what he's done to us.



So I think I've finally decided on what to do with my hair ... dreds. Not like DRED dreds, dreds like Daphne from Heroes. (see here, here, and here for sauce.) Thing is? I have NO idea how to go about this. Sigrid? jennywho? Any ideas? Didn't djwhiterabbit even try that at one point? *shrug*

Tips, anyone?

Something about little bald men

So who else was totally enthralled with the Oscars this year? Was it just me or did Robert Pattinson quickly look directly in the camera during his presentation and mouth "I want you, Terri"? Anyone else catch that?

Hooray for Milk taking home a few importants last night! I was delighted for Sean Penn and the cute gay mormon screenwriter ... Milk deserved all of the accolades, especially this year. Sean Penn's acceptance speech was simply brilliant.

And big huge hooray gratz to Slumdog Millionaire. What a blowout! Jeez, I think the final count was like EIGHT Oscars last night or something?

The musical number that bookended two songs from Slumdog around a little ditty from Wall-E was genius! The dancers were so much fun to watch! Combine that with the fact that Jai Ho is going to be one of those songs that FORCE me to get the soundtrack because of its earbug-ness ... wow!

Queen Latifah did a marvelous job singing the sad dead people song. I keep forgetting ... DAMN! That lady has a set of PIPES on her! Chic can SING!

Last but not least, would Heath Ledger have won ANY of these awards if he wasn't one of the dead elite? Just wondering, not that he wasn't great in Batman, but ... I mean REALLY?!

You love my nuts.

I love Vince.

If I can do it with one finger, you can do it with your whole hand.

BTW, I got to meet Rose from Dot Dot Dot!!!! HOLY SHIT IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

More YTMND? okay!

Lust ... I has it.

I just KNOW someone out there wants to buy this for me.

I'll have news for all of my friends on Tuesday, I think.

Why We Drink

x-posted to FB.

V-Day 2009!

It was my most favorite Valentine's Day to date! It began crudely enough in the morning at work *ugh*. Although ... and this is so sweet, Jeff got me Sonic for breakfast. I didn't even say what I wanted - he knows me so well! He came bearing hot cheesy tots, a sausage english muffin, and an Ocean Water. *pat the tummy* YUM! After work and a quick recovery nap, he got me all gussied to take me to Morel's for dinner with Amy, Josh, Stacy, and Steve-O. I had this delicious little chicken (a whole one - NEVER had that before) stuffed with pheansant sausage stuffing and an apple glaze on top! It was soooo delicious! Thank you everyone, for giving up your brussel sprouts to me :) Afterwards, we came home and he took me to see one of my most fun fave bands, Cherry Pie *swoon*. They were, as usual, fun and awesome and loud and moar fun! After such a huge day, it was nice to sleep in and wake up next to my warm, gorgeous fiance.
This is the first of these spam mails I've ever received ... Collapse )

Okay internets ... something should be done. Should I reply back and fuck with this guy?

If life imitated art ...

"You fought as Don Carducci’s Capo. Together you defeated emo and you received $12,494 for doing so."

Roll for initiative ...

Do we really want to say goodbye to winter forever?


Did anyone else catch the Grammys? I couldn't believe Stevie Wonder was singing with the Jonas Brothers. I felt so sad for him - such an awesome musician reduced to ... THAT. Ugh.

Coldplay got an award which made me QUITE happy, and they looked simply wonderful in their rainbow sargeant pepper regalia. Adele also appropriately got the nods, so all in all HUZZAH! When MIA got up with her preggo self and started singing with the "Rap Pack" I got scared. She looked like she was gonna drop the baby right there at P Diddy's feet!

GREAT Grammy performances, overall. (Justin Tiiiiiiiiiiimberlake *drool*)

Tears of a Rapper

I couldn't find the slow version of Hurt Feelings, buuuuuuuuuuuut *swoon* It's okay.

Found it!

Feb. 8th, 2009


Flight of the Conchords is already sold out!

That is BULLSHIT! :( Well there went THAT idea *pout*

Sunday is for laundry!

Version two

Not that I'm obsessed.

Did someone say ...

Shakin' of da boooooooty first thing in the morning makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise!

Good way to start the blast-off for the weekend ... here we go! HAPPY WEEKEND!!!! *dance**dance**dance*

My son, let me rave about him.

Today my littlest, youngest, blondest, most-blue-eyed mini-me turns 13. I got of the phone with him this morning and cried, cried, cried. Not because this makes me feel old (much), I'm just so upset that I'm so financially FUCKED that I can't be with my son on this HUGE birthday. THIRTEEN!!! That's gigantic!

He's grown into this beautiful, strong, stubborn, CERTAIN teenager. Everyone who has had a chance to meet him will agree with that. I have no idea what I have ever done to be so lucky to have these two miracles in my life ... it must have been in a previous lifetime. I am so grateful, so humbled, and so lucky for the gift of my son, Ian.
I love you, Ian Alexander. You are and always have been my Reason (This has always been my song to Ian). Happy Birthday, love.

30 years ago today, we said goodbye. The world still misses you, Sid.